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Morgan Paris has now bundled all 4 Morgan Paris Eye Creams into an economical and customized eye savings package.  Each container is .33oz, the full size eye creams are 0.5oz

So the question is why did we bundle 4 eye creams.  

1) for the savings

2) and most importantly, customization for the eye area on a daily AM & PM basis, after all, the eyes say it all!!  

The skin around the eye area changes daily and is very fragile and each eye cream addresses the eyes differently with different ingredients and synergistically they all work very well together.   For example, in the morning our eyes may need an eye cream that takes down the puffiness or at night our eyes might need more hydration so with these 4 eye creams in this bundle you can customize your beautiful asset based on what your eyes are going through that day and without breaking the bank.  

However, since these eye creams are so light and effective you can layer them for more of an impact for that delicate eye tissue.

Stem Cell Eye Repair:  This light blue eye cream is filled with peptides which boosts collagen production

Whipped Botanical Eye Therapy:  This eye cream helps with inflammation and provides hydration and also gently exfoliates

AM&PM Eye Repair:  This eye cream helps hydrate and nourishes thinning eye tissue

Elegant Eye Bright:  This eye cream addresses everything the eye goes through during the process of aging.