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Skin’s best ally in the fight against acne and aging, Vitamin A is a serial cell regenerist. It exfoliates, promotes collagen production, diminishes the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, and protects against photo-aging and free radicals.

Retinoids are vitamin A molecules renowned for their skin benefits, including treating acne, reducing scarring, promoting a more even tone, and regenerating youthful texture. No skincare ingredient is more researched or revered than vitamin A.

Topical vitamin A is the first step in slowing the clock, and you should definitely start early. Using vitamin A in your twenties while collagen and elastin are at their peak will help maintain collagen density, keep elastin fibers healthy, and slow the degradation of both.

Vitamin A speeds cellular renewal to improve tone and texture, causing dead cells to rise rapidly to the surface to be sloughed off. This accelerated cellular timeline can result in flaking, and sometimes mild redness as your skin adjusts to the new ingredient.

You may also experience purging as breakouts brewing in the pores are pulled to the surface faster. What seems like a sudden flare-up is really the process of clearing.

As your skin acclimates to vitamin A, the benefits will continue, but the flaking and other signs of acclimation will diminish.