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Glycation is when sugar molecules attack the body's essential proteins and it has been long regarded as a major cause of aging.

Glycation is believed to be the main culprit behind deep wrinkling, age spots and skin thinning. 

Aging is defined as the progressive accumulation of damage over time, leading to disturbed function on the cellular, tissue and organ levels. It is a complex, multifac­torial process where genetic, endogenous and environmental factors play a role. Young skin is supple and smooth, while aging skin has noticeable differences in moisture content, fine and deep lines and the thinning of the epidermis. One of the important and more visible aspects of older skin is the color and texture difference, due to desquamation becoming irregular.

Skin is a composite tissue, consisting of a fibrous matrix containing elastin and collagen. Collagen provides strength to the skin structure and elastin provides the snap or resiliency. When the elastin fibers undergo changes that cause them to lose their resiliency, the skin no longer is able to return to its original state. As a result, sagging and crinkling occur in a pattern that results in wrinkles.