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Post Peel Information

Cleanse Gently: Your skin may be fragile for 5-7 days. Cleanse your skin with COOL water (hot water will cause inflammation to the skin) using only your fingertips – no washcloths, loofahs, buff puffs, sponges, Clarisonic.

Moisturize Often: Letting the skin dry out may cause discomfort.  This will promote the healing process by locking in moisture and reducing the chance of a bacterial infection, redness, and irritation. Use moisturizer several times per day or as needed.

Protect Your Skin: Heat and sun exposure can cause inflammation to the skin. Remember to avoid excessive heat on the treated area and direct sun exposure of any kind, as well as tanning beds and self-tanners to the treatment areas for 4 weeks after treatment. If you need to be outdoors, make sure to use an umbrella or wear a large-brimmed hat, a pair of sunglasses, and use a physical sunblock.

Be sure and minimize facial expressions during your peel. Excessive facial movements will cause the skin to crack prematurely.

Do not pick or rub your skin at all! If you must wash your hair, wash it with your head tilted backward in the shower or in the sink. 

Do not wet your face in the shower, too much water will cause you to peel prematurely and it will leave you with red, sore areas that may lead to scarring or need to be treated again. If large pieces of skin are hanging from your face, they may be cut off carefully with blunt-nose scissors. Do not sit in a sauna or Jacuzzi or do strenuous exercise at this time. Sweating will make your face sting and it will cause you to peel too soon.

During peeling, think of your dark old skin (which is peeling off) as a bandage protecting the fresh skin underneath. The longer you can keep this bandage in place, the better the results of your peel.

It is important you try to sleep on your back so as to not rub your peeling against the pillow. This could create an area of prematurely peeled skin. You may have some swelling, facial/eye, during the first two to three days after your peel, particularly if it is a medium or deep peel. This is a normal response and will resolve on its own, but sleeping with an extra pillow to elevate your head may help decrease the swelling in the meantime.

Do NOT engage in strenuous exercise for 2-3 days after treatment because it may exacerbate the inflammation and can cause your skin to become extremely inflamed.

Sweating excessively after treatment can irritate the skin or cause blistering due to the sweat being unable to escape through the top layer of dead skin. Try to avoid sweating until after you have stopped peeling to avoid lifting the skin prematurely, as this can cause scarring.