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Your skin requires an application of Vitamin A every day to function at its peak and this new generation retinol has it all!

Introducing a revolutionary small molecular structure Vitamin A Serum that any skin type can apply with no sensitivities that traditional Retinols create.  However, all the benefits of the traditional Retinol apply to this Refine A Serum.   Retinols turn on cells that boost collagen production and elastin which strengthens the skin and fills in fine lines below the epidermis whereby creating smoother and plumper skin.  Regular use of retinol is key to healthy skin.

This serum works to dramatically:

-Prevent premature aging

-Stimulates and improves the growth of new skin cells

-Ensure proper maintenance and function of skin

-Improves the skin's elasticity

-Reduces hyperpigmentation and helps melasma

-Improve acne

-Unclog pores and minimize them

Vitamin A benefits the skin by stimulating the body's natural production of collagen, (one of the key building blocks of skin). This rebuilding action can make wrinkles look less severe and can reduce the appearance of sun damage. Retinol also benefits acne skin and super speeds the healing of acne lesions. 

Because of the small molecular structure, this new Refine A has the ability to push further into the deeper layers of the skin.  

The wonderful ingredients are:

-Phospholipids (the main structural component of all of our cell membranes)

-Squalane (boosts collagen production)

-Ceramide (a major lipid our skin needs)

-Retinal (clinically proven to work harder and rejuvenate)

-Retinol (converts to retinoic acid which alters aging cells so they act in a more youthful manner)

-Retinoate (an ester of all trans-retinoic acid and yields higher skin regeneration)

Most Retinols are packaged in larger containers for long term use, but it is important to know that Vitamin A becomes less potent by several percentages before it is even applied to the skin, so that is why Refine A Serum is contained in small boutique batches so the potency is not degraded.

Directions for use:  Apply to face AM & PM. Can also be applied to neck and decollete.

Good for all skin types.