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This is TRULY AN EFFECTIVE FORMULATION of Glycolic Acid to address the following concerns, Aging, Acne prone, Scaring, Hyperpigmentation and/or to just re-freshen the skin weekly.  This is a great and subtle weekly peel with excellent results.    

Glycolic acid is a great "general" type of acid and has a small molecule and can penetrate into the skin very easily.  It is water soluble and works nicely on most skin types.   

Glycolic Peels are considered the "Official Lunch Time Peel" 

--Strongest AHA due to its small molecule size

--Exfoliates dead skin cells

--Reduces fine lines and wrinkles

--Fades hyperpigmentation

--Brightens and smooths complexion

--Fights acne

--Treats Keratosis Pilaris-where skin produces too much of a protein called keratin, which can block hair follicles and cause bumps to develop

--Hydrates dry skin

If first time user of Glycolic acid apply a TEST patch at least 24 hours prior to check for excessive irritation.

Directions for use: Apply 1 pre-moistened pad to clean skin 1x per week (face, neck, decollete or anywhere on the body).

Dispose of pad after use and wash hands. Leave on for 1-3 minutes. To take off, cleanse face and rinse with cool water. Tingling might/will occur. 

With repeated use any tingling sensation usually improves, but if it gets too tingly/prickly prior to the 1-3 minutes, take off with cleanser and cool water, pat dry and apply at home regime.

Subtle flaking/peeling might occur however, the absence of flaking/peeling does not mean that this peel isn't working, flakes are not necessary for changes to occur within the skin.