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This effective flawless mineral pearlized SPF 50 blends beautifully for all skin types and tones and will not clog pores!   This SPF is an all mineral sun protection in a sheer, lightweight tinted dewy pearl cream that virtually vanishes on most skin tones and leaves a 

soft dewy finish.  

This Broad Spectrum Mineral Protection contains a whopping 20% Zinc Oxide and is ideal for all skin types, even sensitive, rosacea-prone or breakout-prone skin.

Mineral sunscreens are inherently gentle and work by reflecting away harmful rays. So you never have to worry about harmful rays heating up and absorbing into your skin.

The FDA has deemed safe and effective the mineral Zinc Oxide. The only other mineral SPF is titanium dioxide and that has been shown to be less effective and creates free radicals that cause oxidative damage to skin cells.  So Zinc Oxide is the only SPF you want on your skin.

This wonderful SPF is reef safe, chemical free, gluten free, fragrance free, phthalate free, paraben free, preservative free 

and no animal testing. 

Directions for use:  Apply daily, add bronzing powder or finishing powder and the dewy pearl look will come through.

**Remember makeup or moisturizer that says it contains sunscreen is not enough for daily use.  You would have to apply it 15 times thicker than an SPF to reap maybe the same benefits**