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Retinol, reference molecule for dermatologists and widely used in anti-acne and antiaging treatments, is encapsulated in cyclodextrin, a natural protective cylinder obtained through biosynthesis.

Encapsulation limits tolerance risks and boosts the effectiveness of retinol which is released gradually and in a controlled way 

deep within target cells.

--Results: Skin is smoother, purified, pores are cleansed and the skin texture is more even.


A bi-vectored active ingredient comprising amino acid and glycine grafted to a fatty acid. This multi-purpose dermo-purifying complex targets all causes of skin imbalances.

--Results: Skin is cleansed and free from imperfections.

A light fluid specially formulated for combination to oily skin, instantly absorbed by the skin. Its ultra-gentle, non-greasy and non-sticky texture mattifies the skin. A fresh delicate fragrance with citrusy, floral and slightly musky notes.

Good for all skin types.