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Combining the Whipped Botanical Eye Therapy and the AM & PM Eye Repair has created new dimensions for the way we should be restoring our under eye area.

Finding the right balance in a product for the eye area is critical. Not too heavy, not too light, absorbs easily but also leaves a layer of protection from the daily environmental onslaught ingredients at a high percentage yet not so much that the eye area becomes irritated or inflamed....and the list goes on.

To properly and beautifully frame your gorgeous eyes, firm and healthy skin is a must.

The combined effect is one of powerful and deep cellular rejuvenation, collagen boosting, wrinkle repairing and inflammation reducing activity for your fragile and vulnerable eye area.

Expertly combined cutting edge peptides like Matrixyl 3000 and Tripeptide-5, Acetyl Hexapeptide-1, these peptides help to stimulate cell regeneration and enhance skin pigmentation.

Organic Evening Primrose which is especially cool and nourishing to the thin sensitive skin tissue around the eyes and naturally diminishes the appearance of fine lines.

Glycolic Acid, helps soften the look of fine lines, wrinkles and discoloration to keep the under-eye area smooth and even, Organic Green Tea, anti-inflammatory properties can help reduce skin irritation, skin redness and swelling.

irritation, skin redness and swelling. 

Euphrasia Officinalis Extract, a topical treatment for under eye puffiness and dark circles, Organic Licorice, a very potent antioxidant and eye brightener, Organic Rosehip Seed, rich in vitamin A (retinol), which can help reduce signs of skin aging, including smoothing fine lines and thickening the dermis making the skin feel firmer and tighter, Organic Gotu Kola, which is most known for its ability to

improve blood circulation which speeds up the skin's healing process.

To round out this Eye Repair, Organic Aloe, Organic Grapeseed Oil which contain high amounts of omega fatty acids especially linoleic acid, Phytochemicals like proanthocyanidins offer serious benefits for UV defense, Alpha Lipoic and Alpha Hydroxy acids and Vitamins E and C were combined for a wonderful eye cocktail.

Directions for use: Apply a small, pea sized amount around eye area AM & PM.

Good for all skin types.