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Unique and ancient life forms

Seaweeds are unique and ancient life forms found exclusively in the ocean along our continental coast lines.  Varying in color and shape from forest green branched stipes, filamentous blades tinged with red, and muted brown flat fronds, seaweeds embody hundreds of millions of years of adaptation to the ocean environment.

First plant forms

Seaweeds are some of the first plant forms to evolve some 600-800 million years ago and do not have roots but anchor to the seabed by holdfasts. Seaweeds do not have leaves or bark, but stems called the stipe and flat blades called fronds. Seaweeds absorb nutrients directly from the ocean water in a water soluble form. Absorbing and alchemizing essential nutrients directly from ocean water, seaweeds are packed with vitamins and minerals, salts, fats and amino acids that nourish and revitalize the skin naturally.


Their simplified cell structure means that seaweeds’ nutritional content is more readily bioavailable and penetrates the skin more effectively than other plant forms.